node Role Module

Modern performance management

The Node-method is built on OKR, made famous by Google, and is based on shorter goal cycles, transparency, and participation.

  • OKRs

    Write 3-5 Objectives and Key Results of what you want to achieve during a certain period.

  • Focus Areas

    Communicate the company's overall priorities for the period.

  • Check-ins

    Document and share progress and learnings on a continuous basis.

  • Alignment

    Align OKRs with Focus Areas and learn where, when, and how goal fulfillment is happening.

People in focus

Achieve greater cooperation, a stronger sense of community and higher employee engagement.

  • Real-time feedback

    Continuously give and receive feedback on ongoing work.

  • Activity feed

    Get a glimpse of what everyone in the organisation is working on.

  • Organisation tree

    See all people within the organisation and how they’re connected.

  • Analytics and insights

    Keep track of employee activity and development with insightful graphs and tables.

node Role Module
node Role Module

Accessible and secure

No more time-consuming systems or unreliable spreadsheets.

  • Mobile

    Reflect and document insights while commuting. The Node App is simple and fast both on computer and mobile.

  • Highest security

    Your data is stored and protected in the cloud via AWS. All information is handled in accordance with GDPR. Authentication is handled via Auth0 or ADFS depending on your needs.

  • Fast start-up

    With effective onboarding and coaching we make sure you´re up and running in no time.

  • Support

    Get support through live-chat or email. Find help and tips in our Help Center.

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