node Role Module

Role Platform

Get a real-time view of everyone working together with you in your company and how to connect with them, on desktop and mobile.

  • The foundation of your strategic initiatives

    Your company has an ambitious plan. Node let’s everyone join in through the teams that will make it happen.

  • Synced wherever you are

    Whether you let your organization design happen organically through everyone in your organization, or through sync with your Active Directory - Node will give you a real-time view of your organization.

Visualize your company focus

Stimulate individual ambition with individual Objectives and Key Results aligned towards the company’s focus areas.

  • Diagnostics of strategic initiatives

    Use our unique alignment view as a diagnostics tool to see where ambition is taking place and where it isn’t. Or where focus and innovation took that new interesting direction that later proved to be critical to your company’s success.

  • Connect company focus and individual focus.

    Let your overall company strategy and mission become accessible to each employee so that focus is not only informed, but also aligned.

  • OKR’s

    Set individual goals that are S.M.A.R.T.(ER) using Objectives and Key Results. A popular goal setting methodology with proven success in companies like Google and Linkedin.

node Role Module


As a tool handling your strategic initiatives and individual ambition - security and policies around personal data is at our business core.

  • ISO 27001 & ISO 27018

    We are using Amazons Web Services and are certified by the ISO 27001 and ISO27018 standard.

  • GDPR ready

    May 25th 2018 is the enforcement date for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Node comes with GDPR compliance out of the box with written agreements and ready-to-go technical and organizational measure statements.

  • ADFS Single Sign-on

    If your company is using Office365 or similar, all your users will be automatically logged in to Node as well, no need for additional licenses or downloads.

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