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Set better goals, simpler.

Forget the never-ending excel document with yearly goals, with Node you merely set up OKRs (used by Google) and connect these to the company’s Focus Areas.

  • OKRs

    Each colleague formulates their Objective & Key Results each quarter in a transparent and measurable way.

  • Focus Areas

    Company leadership sets up a set of Focus Areas that in a more agile way communicates the key initiatives.

  • Check-ins & Feedback

    Connect the long-term plan and mission with your weekly work through simple check-ins and continuous feedback.

  • Alignment

    Visualise your progress and see how all goals gets connected to the long-term strategic plan.

People in focus

Your organisation has a huge untapped potential - set it free with Node - a modern performance management tool with people in focus.

  • Mobile

    Node is where you are, regardless if you are at the office, with your client or travelling the globe.

  • Activities & Feed

    Connect to your weekly To-Do’s and document your lessons learned continuously through a simple interface.

  • Continue or Consider

    Make feedback constructive by explicitly saying what a person should continue or consider to do.

  • Driven by progress

    Simple charts give each colleague the control they need to make better strategic decisions.

node Role Module
node Role Module

Agile Performance

Built on top of agile values around continuous improvement and cross-functional teams.

  • Agile Teams

    Create your own dashboards depending on who you are currently working with.

  • Activity Feed

    Get a quick digest on what’s happening around the strategic goals through a customised feed.

  • Notifications

    Get notified on your team’s activity or feedback that you receive.

  • Bye bye Excel and Spreadsheets

    Say goodbye to the endless work on trying to make sense of alignment and activity in static spreadsheets. Node’s got your back.

Get started

Get going in the right way with the help of our team. Set up your organisation in just a couple of minutes, create OKRs and Focus Areas - our team with more than six years of experience around OKR and agile performance is here to help you.

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