The Vision Sprint is a 6-hour workshop that is done in your team (max ten people, split up if you are more). The exercise is specifically designed to be made on several teams in parallel and is an entirely new way to scale a Vision in your organisation and get going with purpose-driven goals. It lets you move away from waterfall-style top-down business execution that takes forever and yields little or negative engagement with your peers.

The Vision Sprint goes fast but brings a lot to your team and organisation. As preparation, all team members are to go through two unique surveys that Node has developed, which drives both collective input as well as reflection. The surveys are also a critical part of making sure the team can sprint through the important subjects handled in the Vision Sprint. Once completed, a data file is also produced, which lets you capture the essential decisions, learnings and beliefs from the four parts of the Vision Sprint:

  • Shared Values and Decision-Making Principles. Visualise the personal values in the team and create a shared view that is translated to clear decision-making principles for the team.

  • WHY. Formulate a clear purpose containing the contribution and impact your team believes in. Align your team's WHY with the organisation's WHY.

  • WHAT. What is your mission for the coming two years?

  • HOW. How will you reach your mission?

The Vision Sprint guarantees decision-making and each part above is concluded with setting up clear, actionable goals (OKRs). It lets you move your decisions from the exercise into real day-to-day achievements that are to be made within two weeks. It is, to our knowledge, one of the best ways to get going with the popular goal-setting method OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) with your team and organisation.

The total effort for the Vision Sprint is no more than 8 hours per participant, including surveys before and follow-up on OKRs after the workshop. The data file contains, on average, 840 data points per sprint and is delivered as a .csv file after the workshop is completed. And - our app is included free of charge for a team of up to 20 people for three months (not included in the free version of the Vision Sprint).

Fill out the form below to get access to all the material needed to run the Vision Sprint. You have the option to do it all by yourself, with the support from us or to let us go in and run the whole thing for you.

The ultimate purpose of the Vision Sprint is to gather your team(s) around a shared vision and allow for clear goals that show how each person can make a difference.