Google's research on managers shows that one of the key areas for building a successful team is to set a shared vision. They have also published their own work methods for everyone to take a closer look at. Node has made a Swedish/Node-version of their work that we call the ”Vision-Sprint”. Do it together with your team to:

  • Set core values. Figure out the personal values of the team members and work together to flesh out a set of shared core values.

  • Purpose.Why do you exist? To whom are you important?

  • Mission.What will you achieve within 2 years?

  • Strategy.How will you reach your Mission?

  • Execution. Define a set of Focus Areas against your decided Strategy.

The Vision Sprint consist of an 8-hour exercise during two days for a team of up to 10 people (split your team if you are more than that). It could with synergy be made by multiple teams in parallell to create a good comparative view of your shared Vision as a company.

Check out the links below to reach a google doc where you find clear instructions with a detailed agenda as well as links to a presentation.

The material is completely free of charge to use (thanks Google) and you can conduct the exercise yourself, or bring in an external facilitator. The purpose of the exercise is to gather your team around a shared vision to more easily set goals that are relevant and make sure each team member feel they can make a difference.

Building a Shared Vision Facilitator Guide


Building A Shared Vision Slides