Erik Erik Sales Manager
Matthias Matthias Product Development
Renée Renée Project Hero
Ivo Ivo UI Designer
Johan Johan Customer Guy & Founder
Andreas Andreas CTO
Jonte Jonte Head of UX

We believe in the power of the Role

Node was developed after 10 years working within the recruitment industry where we had a high demand of quickly understanding the role we were asked to recruit. We looked at how the role to be recruited would relate to its colleagues, processes, competences and strategy. We developed our own way of defining a Role DNA, and realized that this was far more than just a value in recruitment. It is a value for collaboration at large.

A fully distributed team, based in Europe.

As providers of a tool that enables work to happen wherever you are, we practice what we preach. Headquartered in Åre, Sweden, executing strategy across the three countries we are located in is critical. And that is a critical reason to the success of our users as well.


Kurortsvägen 20
SE-83151 Åre, Sweden
Åre Stockholm Nuremberg Berlin Sarajevo

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