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Get Everyone Moving in the Same Direction

The Node App connects employees’ goals with the company’s long-term plan and informs the entire organisation when something changes. Aligning people towards a common goal that seems ever-changing has never been easier.

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Speed up decisions, execution and learning.

We live in turbulent times of constant change, increased competition and disrupted business models.The Node Method helps companies learn and adjust faster through shorter cycles between goal setting, evaluation and feedback.

Goal Reflection Feedback Review

A powerful tool for everyone

CEO and management

Communicate your strategy to everyone in the organization. Get instant diagnostics on the ongoing work towards your goals.

HR and leaders

Coach leaders and employees through ongoing feedback and dialogue. Get insights on who needs assistance and when.


Develop professional skills, faster. Set relevant goals and learn how they contribute to the company’s development.

Trusted by forward-thinking companies - big and small

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Get going in the right way with the help of our team. Set up your organisation in just a couple of minutes, create OKRs and Focus Areas - our team with more than six years of experience around OKR and agile performance is here to help you.

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